You are ____ for the economy

Text is screen printed onto fliers torn from San Francisco telephone poles, or crafted from gunpowder purchased on the internet (gun specific works) in a series highlighting political prioritization of “The Economy,” over the people.

Guns are good - 36 x 36 inches each

Carpooling - 16 x 16 inches

︎︎︎︎Crime - 16 x 16 inches

︎︎︎︎Self-esteem - 16 x 16 inches

Obesity - 16 x 16 inches

︎︎︎︎Nature - 16 x 16 inches

︎︎︎︎Debt - 16 x 16 inches


Interactive social practice project in which the artist leaves books on the street with instructions on participating in a “library card” sleeve on the inside cover. Locations, titles, and movement are tracked via Google Maps..

TWIT Spotting

Photos of drivers Texting While in Traffic (TWIT), were published online and enlarged onto billboards around the San Francisco Bay Area. Featured on: CBS News, The Today Show, TIME, Huffington Post, Creators Project, among others. 

Anything you say

Several thousand mirror-finished door hangers reading: “Anything you say can and will be used against you” were distributed to homes in San Francisco, disrupting a sense of security and inverting the symbol’s usual call for privacy.

As documented in Jon Ronson’s piece in the New York Times, one stupid tweet can ruin someone’s life. Or words said in private can be broadcast by a former partner, and result in public humiliation. While the acts themselves aren’t defensible, the punnishment often outweighs the infraction, or lapse in good judgement. We’re doing this to ourselves.


The 1000 Journals Project

Ongoing interactive and international collaborative project following 1000 journals through their travels. Launched in 2000, the project has reached over 40 countries and every US State, and has resulted in a book, a feature-length documentary, and exhibitions at the Skirball Cultural Center (Los Angeles) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Skirball Cultural Center - October 5 2010-February 26 2011

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - November 1 2008-April 5 2009

Scottsdale Public Art - March 1-May 30 2012

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