These Truths

Using the text from the preamble to the Declaration of Independence, this piece explores the ideas of racial inequality and the American dream. The white picket fence has often been used as a picturesque symbol of the American dream. Here, it serves as a backdrop, illustrating the disparity in how the ideals of equality apply in present-day America.  

There's no place like

A response to the displacement of residents and businesses on the 3300 block of Mission Street (at 29th), caused by a 5-alarm fire in June of 2016. The statement is left unfinished, allowing the community to fill in their own ending. The installation is made up of approximately 1,800 pieces of plastic that spin when the wind blows.

Home Street Home - Installation at 16th and Folsom Street, San Francisco 2017

Aimed at raising awareness of the rising number of homeless in San Francisco, this installation is made up of laser-cut plastic, arranged to look like stitching. Passersby are reminded that for some, the cement is a bed, the streets are home.

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