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“Brian, I thought you were someone’s assistant all week! Then you pop up on the stage and present this mind-blowing profound thoughtful heart wrenching thing! Geez, man. I literally had to check myself to not start blubbering like a baby!!!”

— Heather Neesham, FUSE attendee

Brian Singer is a San Francisco-based artist and designer who has received international attention for his provocative social projects such at TWIT Spotting (Texting while in Traffic) and The 1000 Journals Project. He’s won numerous awards, authored three books, given talks around the world, and served on the boards of AIGA, the professional association for design and The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. Brian has led creative teams at both Pinterest and Facebook, and ran his own studio working with companies such as Apple, Adidas, and Chronicle Books. 

His talks inspire people, and lead them down a path towards finding their passion and living a more fulfilling life. There are moments of laughter, and sometimes tears. There is also German heavy-metal music. 

“Brian is one of our highest rated speakers, whether it’s a US or European event - He truly wows the audience”

— Romina Kunstadter
Sr. Event Director: FUSE, FEI US & London

"Brian so brilliantly synthesizes that place between passion, emotion, and meaning. He leaves no doubt about the impact of storytelling and the connection that happens when we express ourselves as creators and empathizers."

— Hank Richardson
President, Portfolio Center

“Walking away from Brian’s talk, a person is energized and motivated to look inwards and discover their own passion. Not to be afraid of it, but, to pursue it.” 

— Vanessa B. Dewey
Lead, Development and Creative Experiences, Mattel Inc. 

“Having chaired various conferences, I have had the privilege to introduce Brian to many audiences around the world.  Without question he’s the one speaker that folks tell me afterwards made the most difference in their lives.”

— Soon Yu, Author of Iconic Advantage

Selected Speaking Engagements

Brian gives talks at businesses, conferences, and universities. 

Mattel, Inc.
Target Design Group
Ohio Arts Educators Association Conference
HOW Design Live
Phoenix Design Week 
Destination Design Management Conference
Rethinking Media Conference: Amsterdam
See Change, Minneapolis
Creative Summit Conference
Re:Design Conference
PapierHier, The Netherlands 
Columbus Society of Communicating Arts
FUSE Conference: Chicago
UNITE, San Diego
AIGA Cincinnati
AIGA Portland
Dallas Society of Visual Communicators
Academy of Art University
Portfolio Center
Art Institute Pittsburgh
Art Institute Atlanta
Art Institute Los Angeles
Press coverage

Brian’s projects have been covered by a wide range of press, including The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Better Homes & Gardens, Entertainment Weekly, CBS News, The Today Show, TIME, Huffington Post, Creators Project and many others. 

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